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Kalari Chikitsa | Kalari Treatments

Kalari Chikitsa medicinal system was originally developed by kalari masters in order to heal battle related injuries, as well as to improve their students fighting abilities. Nowadays, kalari Chikitsa can be applied to help a wider range of people achieve good health. Specialising in neuro-muscular (sciatica, spondylosis, etc.), and skeletal disorders (sprains, fractures, dislocations, etc.) Kalari Chikitsa also help one to reach beyond one’s psycho-physical limitations and are particular suitable for kalari practitioners, but also for athletes, dancers, and stage performers.

Kalari treatments is based on the precise knowledge of the body’s energetic channels (nadis) and vital spots (marmas), the wide selection of medecines, usually homemade by the Gurukkal, is entirely organic. Thailam, or oils, medicated with leaves, roots, barks, and even dairy products can be applied externally by massage, or taken internally. Numerous internal medecines are also available: churnam (powders), kashayam (decoctions), gritham (medicated ghee), etc.

Uzhichil, the full body massage system executed by the practitioner with his hands and feet, is unique to kalarippayattu. It is a very powerful treatment, which requires patient and therapist to follow a strict regimen during the whole course. It can relieve serious back problems, and also increase flexibility, stimulate the flow of vital energy, and develop mental sharpness. The treatment is given by the therapist suspending his weight from ropes overhead, and applying pressure with long strokes of the soles of his feet, after the patient’s body has been prepared with specially medicated oil. The therapist also makes use of strokes with his hands, as well as some manipulation of the joints and limbs.

Besides Kalari Uzhichil, a whole range of other treatments are provided at our kalari centers in an authentic way to cure specific problems.

Kalari Kacha Tirummu :To specifically increase flexibility
Kalari Marma Uzhichil : to cure injuries to marmas
Adyatmika Uzhichil / Chakra Uzhichil : For spiritual Harmony
Kalari Pizhichil: For nervous system disorders
Kalari Dhara: For insomnia, Stress
Kalari Kizhis (Ela/Podi/Njavara/Mutta/Mamasa) : For musculo-articular pathologies
Kalari Swedana : Full body steam to enhance the effect of Abhyangam (Oil Massage)
Kalari Udwartanam : Massage with medicated powdersfor weight loss and rejuvenation
Mantra Chikitsa : healing with power of sound.

Back Pain or Joint Pain

It is a severe health concern for many people and almost everybody face this distress at least once in their life time.


It usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. Back pain may prolong to chronic pain thus by making men inefficient to work.Our daily habits and activities can strain our spine and surrounding muscles over time to cause back pain. Sitting all day without a break puts more pressure on the spine and also reduces blood flow to discs. This may lead to back pain and is a major concern among people who work in the software field.

Care Yourselves:

You should find time to stretch out and get up to take rest in between your works. The wrong positioning in sitting on chair or lying on bed may also prolong to back pain. When you choose the chair, make sure that its material and height gives you comfortable working experience and make sure that the material used for bed give little stress to your spine.

Available Treatments:

Standard treatments for back pain are available nowadays. Various tests like X-rays, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, Electromyogram (EMG) are done to diagnose the correct reason for back pain. Only after determining the real reason can a doctor begin the treatment.The treatment varies depending on how long one has had the pain and how severe it is. Usually theback pain caused from strain or minor injury can be cured by taking rest for some days. After getting relieved from severe back pain, it is advised to remain active to get well soon. Regular exercises will help your spine to become stronger. Various treatments for back pain include Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic care. The pain that last lesser than a month can be treated with pain killer medications. When all other treatment fails to cure back pain, Surgery is recommended.

About Marma Treatment:

Among the various treatments for back pain, MarmaChikilsa (therapeutic treatment in vital spots) is an important one. It is derived from Kerala’s martial art ‘KalariPayattu’. Marma means vital points and areas on the body having access to body and mind. There are 108 marma points in our body and 14 of them are in our back portion where spine lies.Vital energies flow through 72,000 fine channels called Nadis. Any block or obstruction to this flow of energies cause imbalance in the respective body parts leading to diseases or illnesses. The basic principle behind Marma treatment is removing this block or obstructions and thus reviving the free flow of energies to the affected parts of the body. This makes the body flexible and efficient to continue with the daily routines. Know More About Marma Treatment

Marma Treatment to cure Back Pain or Joint Pain

Marma Treatment is performed by experts having deep knowledge about the vital spots in the body. The proper functioning of the body is archived by Kalari massage in which the therapist apply pressure on the Marma parts of the body with his hand or feet. This massage is called ‘Abhayanga’. This stimulates the Marma points and there by cure the pain in respective body parts. The massage is done using warm medicated oils. The oil containing natural medicines is applied on the whole back position of the patient suffering back pain. This therapy is called ‘Snehana’. In ‘Kizhi treatment’ heated herbs and medicinal oils are tied in cloth bags and it is gently placed on areas where severe back pain is felt. Then massage is done on these areas using fingers.

Uses of Marma Treatment

Kalari massage helps to balance the blood circulation and help the body to regain health and flexibility there by curing the back pain. Marma treatment also helps to relax mind and refresh the patient to feel good. The patient gets a calm mind as he get relieved from the back pain with the Marma treatment.

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