Prior To Arrive

Tri-Lines Prior to arrive,,You take rest, leave the complete headache of planning to us!

For treatments, abroad, it is always necessary to meticulously plan the complete itinerary in advance to save time, costs and hardships. Trilines professionals make sure that all your appointments with the doctor you finalized, visits to the selected hospital, itinerary and other formalities for treatments and leisure are completed and the roadmap is clear the moment you land here.

To save time, costs and hardships, it is imperative for foreign patients to plan their treatment in advance. Through our Pre-arrival services we make sure that by the time the patient lands in India, all the necessary formalities for treatment are already completed, and the treatment road-map is ready.

This actually is the most important part of the planning. At this stage we help a patient choose and decide the doctor and hospital for treatment and thereby an entire roadmap towards treatment, accommodation and if possible, some tourism is conceived.

It is like laying the foundation of a building. So, it better be right.

Following are the services that we provide before a patient arrives in India
– Send patient’s clinical reports to different doctors and hospitals – Seek the evaluations of those doctors – Share the same information with the patient and help him decide the best doctor and hospital for his – specific treatment based on his budget. – Help the patient understand the process and paperwork for Medical Visa and Treatment as per the laws of both the countries (home country and India) – Help the patient arrange for Medical Visa – Let the patient know the approximate number of days of stay required inside and outside the hospital – Discuss with the patient any possibility of touring some exotic tourist destinations in India and that too much prior to his departure so that he can plan his trip accordingly – Help the patient plan his itinerary based on his convenience and availability of the doctor. – Help the patient decide the kind of accommodation he would require during his stay in India. – Fix the OPD consultation with the Doctor.
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