E-Doctor Facility

Tri-Lines E-Doctor facility in India, Designed by a doctor for both doctors and patients, we enhance the doctor-patient relationship through one-to-one communication, customized availability, and care options that increase satisfaction for both doctor and patient.

We also arrange for meeting with internationally trained doctors in India via the internet. Patients can discuss with them via emails, or video conferences before travelling down to India. You can also avail e-meet doctor facilities in case of emergencies post the treatment, being in your hometown, wherein we shall arrange for telemedicine, video conferences or discussions with your healthcare practitioner in India. E-consultation might require an up-front annual fees for doctors who in turn deliver care through internet for patients who want VIP services.

An e-consultation works similarly to sending an email or text message. However, because traditional text messages are not secure and are not HIPAA-compliant, the messaging system in our mobile app carries this conversation in a private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant manner.

Another way to think about healthcare e-consulting is to compare it to a healthcare concierge service. A concierge healthcare service is one where doctors require sizeable up-front annual fees (approximately $1,000 to $2,000) and in return deliver care to patients who want VIP service and who can afford this additional cost. Patients who purchase a concierge service are typically very satisfied with the extra attention, service, personal access, and convenience that this healthcare model provides.

The key difference between e-Consult My Doctor and a typical concierge service is that with e-Consult My Doctor, patients pay-as-they-go and are not required to pay hefty up-front annual fees. This allows a doctor’s existing regularly paying patient base to remain with their benefits provider yet still connect with their doctor between office visits for value-added consultations they are willing to pay for directly (no third party payers required). Doctors are permitted to set pricing and availability in such a way that it makes sense for both doctor and patient — parameters that can be changed at any time.

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