Kerala backwater tourism

Ways to Enjoy the Backwater of Kerala

Backwater tourism in Kerala has attracted the attention of tourists and tour operators worldwide. When you consider the serenity of the atmosphere, the natural beauty offered by the coconut groves, paddy fields, and the extravagant colours of sunsets, and the exciting experiences of watching traditional boats built and witnessing the fishing of your meal, it […]

Medical tourism in India

Tours and Travels: Medical Tourism- TRI-LINES

Several countries in the world such as Mexico, Singapore, Peru, Hungary, Thailand and India have been promoting medical tourism for over a decade. Medical tourism in India attracts large number of tourists from the industrialised nations such as U.K, U.S, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. Countries that provide medical tourism are nations that are […]

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Islands of the Backwaters

Backwaters is a feature unique to Kerala and so it has been attracting visitors from the other regions of the country as well as international tourists. Unlike gushing rivers and rushing seas, backwaters tend to be calm and serene. This makes them easily navigable whether using traditional canoes or motor boats. Backwaters can be found […]

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