Kerala To be the Home of Ecotourism

Kerala, aka gods own country, where culture and tradition comes in harmony, named as one of the ten paradises around the world is the home of ecotourism. It’s called the home of ecotourism for a good reason. The place’s lush greenery and natural beauty provides inner peace and tranquility to most of those who are stuck in today’s hectic world. The state’s tourism department currently focuses on promoting ecotourism by doing short featured films on eco adventure trails. The main ecotourism spots in the state are Muthanga, Parambikulam, Silent valley, Periyar, Munnar, Agasthyamala, Thenmala. Waterfalls like Athirapally, Soochipara, Palaruvi, Meenmutty, Thusharagiri etc seem to have attracted 59.56 lakh tourists from all around the world. The state’s Travel and Tourism Department is planning to have a centralized marketing strategy and also a micro website just for eco-adventure tourism. The official website is planned to be launched in 4 months from now once all the featured films and e-brochures are done. It will also have a centralized booking system including selected tourism centers across the state. The state’s government had sanctioned almost 2 crore as funding for this project. Once it’s done, the website is assumed to have around 5 million visitors per year from 200 countries all around the world. Five short movies with duration of one minute each will be produced just on eco-adventure tourism trails in north Kerala and 10 other videos on places like Munnar, Gavi, Agasthyamala, Periyar and Thenmala, which are situated in southern Kerala. The main motive behind such a huge effort is to attract travelers to these spots all around the world who are keen about adventure eco-tourism.

Apart from the news above, The KTM, aka Kerala Travel Mart – 2018 which is to be held in September of this year has got a tremendous amount of response this time. Almost around 600 registrations have been done in just 4 days of preregistration. Out of them, 485 were applications from domestic buys alone, and rest from international buyers since the opening on January 15th. This impressive initial response seems to be a clear sign of a large number of tourism stakeholders getting attracted to ecotourism over the past years. The president of Kerala Travel Mart adds that business to business meets facilitated by the KTM attracts potential buyers. It is acclaimed to be the largest gathering of tourism industry stakeholders. The implementation of the nine point agenda will make Kerala a destination rooted on sustainable ecotourism. The nine point agenda mainly focuses on the common cleanliness and preservation of natural resources by promoting waste management, efficient use of energy, extensive use of local produce and products, organic farming and rain water harvesting.

To conclude, Kerala is on the verge of being a complete eco-adventure tourism state and such developments discussed earlier will surely push the state in succeeding its mission.

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