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Ways to Enjoy the Backwater of Kerala

Backwater tourism in Kerala has attracted the attention of tourists and tour operators worldwide. When you consider the serenity of the atmosphere, the natural beauty offered by the coconut groves, paddy fields, and the extravagant colours of sunsets, and the exciting experiences of watching traditional boats built and witnessing the fishing of your meal, it is not all that surprising. What makes the backwater experience even more attractive is the widely different ways in which you can exploit the possibilities and have a unique, memorable experience. It is not an exaggeration to say that backwater tourism in Kerala provides something for people of every taste.

First there is the all-important choice of whetheryou want to live on land or water. You can either choose to stay in a resort set among the shadowy groves of coconut trees and plantains, or pick a house-boat stay. If you are going for a floating home for your sojourn, you have further choices. For instance, you can choose a more traditional houseboat or a highly sophisticated cruiser with facilities such as on-board restaurants and bars, and comfortable lounges with Wi-Fi access. You can choose to be as much aloof from the life of the local community or really get involved with personal interactions and hands-on experiences, as you want.

If you choose to stay on land and go on day trips to explore the backwaters, you can choose from different kinds of transport. Some of the popular ones are Shikara ride, motor boat ride, canoe ride and rice-boat rides. You can halt at various places of interest and explore the local area. There is so much that these regions have to offer the tourists in terms of knowledge about the local economy, first-hand experiences of historical sites and visits to pilgrim centres. If you are deeply interested in the cultural aspects of the state, you may choose to include in your tour package performances of local art forms such as bharatanatyam and kathakali.

If you are not a fan of the journey over the water, you can still have a great time at the backwaters. There is so much that you can explore on foot, from the rich variety of fauna including migratory birds such as Siberian crane, lark and flycatcher, and locals birds like moorhen, darter and brahminy kite, to the cottage industries such as coir manufacturing, fish farming and toddy tapping. Interactions with the locals can offer insights to the national culture and the lifestyle of the local communities. Whether you are a lover of nature, an adventurer or culture explorer, backwater tourism in Kerala has plenty to offer you.

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