What We Are

“Tri-Lines-best medical tourism company” is the name you trust to care for the ones you love. We can be your ultimate travel doctor and guide when it comes to medical tourism abroad. Erected on the four pillars of cure, care, compassion, and commitment, Tri-Lines offer a centralized portal where patients from around the globe, popular hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and tour guides assemble and offer the best services to our guests. Despite advising and offering the best health care services for our guest, we also go that extra mile to ensure that they get comfortable and viable accommodations to make their stay in India valuable as well as enjoyable.

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Tri-Lines : Your Premier Healthcare Destination in India

India has become a global health destination with a steady growth of 30 percent or more in medical tourism every year. Despite the prejudices of healthcare in developing countries, the country is globally recognized for its quality of medical treatments equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology, highly acclaimed medical professionals, and comparatively low-cost health care benefits.

Tri-Lines is headquartered in Kerala, the state to the tail of India, also known as God’s Own Country. Kerala has established its own unique reputation as a center of alternative medicine, thanks to the practice of Ayurveda, a natural healing process dating back to 6000 years. The state is a treasure trove of rare medicinal herbs in its evergreen forests that are native to the place and is well known for its ancient treatments and the warm hospitality. The famous Indian tradition of hospitality is evident from the country’s popular adage “Atithi Devo Bhava” that is a Sanskrit verse drawn from an ancient scripture, which simply means – “Consider the guest as God”.

Tri-Lines aims to combine the unique and rejuvenating health experience for tourists with a blissful stay in the God’s Own Country. The hospitality that is known the world over for its warmth and affection is right at the fingertips of our guests seeking medical treatment here. We are here to help you experience the finest treatments, top facilities, the real flavor of the rich Indian culture and the tradition of welcoming guests with utmost respect and care.

What We Offer

  • 24-hour Online Support Portal– Where patients from all over the globe can inquire, send queries and request for quotes related to their treatment or travel in India
  • Excellent Healthcare to Choose from– Our professionals are unbiased and reply genuinely to patients’ queries with multiple hospital or treatment options that best suit their requirements/criteria. This gives customers flexibility and freedom to evaluate and choose the one that is the best for them.
  • Forwarding the Doctor’s Advice– As per the patient’s query, corresponding reply/responses from doctors (with their CV and profile information) are also sent to patients on request.
  • E-meet The Doctor– Prior to their direct visits, patients are also encouraged to communicate with their selected doctors via phone or email to ensure complete transparency of processes and to create a comfort zone for both the teams.
  • VISA Assistance– Tri-Lines also makes sure that the patient gets visa assistance letter from the hospital and the doctor ensures seamless VISA application process.
  • Treatment Itinerary– A travel itinerary is created as per the patient’s convenience and appointments and is then shared with him/her. We receive patients from the airport, arrange their stay and take them to the hospital at the correct timings.
  • Checking Back on Guests Often– Like a caring relative, we will keep visiting patients in hospitals to offer them all the assistance required during their stay.
  • Regular Communication with Relatives– We also make sure to communicate with patients’ doctors and back with their relatives at their hometowns about their medical progress.
  • Arranging Timely Follow-Up Visits– Our team takes care of patient’s post-operative hotel stay near the hospital.
  • Planning A Great Holiday for Guests– Post their hospital appointment, we also help them plan a relaxed and rejuvenating holiday in Kerala and other Indian states after receiving the doctor’s ‘Go Ahead’.
  • Warm Adieu for Our Guests– After their purpose in Kerala/India, we also arrange for their safe return to their country.
  • Tri-Lines Nurtures the Relations– We also make sure that our guests always get the best post-operative assistance from their hospitals, get their queries duly responded by the respective doctors and always rejoice their medical tour in India.

Why Us

  • A 24*7 Dedicated team of highly skilled professionals uniting travel and healthcare in India
  • Genuine opinions, unbiased assistance from professionals in travel and medical field
  • Highly customized packages tailoring to the needs of patients
  • Best accommodation arrangements for patients and family members prior to and post treatment

Our Service-Your Benefits

  • Choose the best treatments at lowest costs
  • Compare costs and expertise of doctors at different hospitals
  • Medical Visas, accommodation, transportation and hospital visits of patients and their families are no longer your headache, it is our duty
  • We are your healthcare partner in town and will be your advocates at hospitals to get you the best of treatments, attention, facilities, and transparency in billing
  • We ensure that our guest always pay less on their final bill and receive the same quality of service as any other citizen

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