Welcome to Tri-Lines

Tri-Lines is the name you trust to care for the ones you love. We can be your ultimate travel doctor and guide when it comes to medical tourism abroad. Erected on the four pillars of cure, care, compassion and commitment, Tri-Lines offer a centralized portal where patients from around the globe, popular hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and tour guides assemble, and offer the best services to our guests. Despite advising and offering the best health care services for our guest, we also go that extra mile to ensure that they get comfortable and viable accommodations to make their stay in India valuable as well as enjoyable. Educate yourselves and choose the best service in the field of medical tourism, dental tourism, health tourism and travel.

Our Services

Medical Treatment

Through the service providers that Tri-lines connects you with, you will find solutions for every medical problem that concerns you. Depending on your philosophy and lifestyle, you can choose from a variety of treatment options, including modern medicine, homeopathy, Ayurveda and siddha.


Continues Monitoring

Medical tourism facilitates continuous monitoring leading to accurate assessment of customer satisfaction. Using this information, we are able to fine-tune all our services leading to our customers receiving value added services.

Tours and Travels

The tours and travels service offered by Tri-lines exploits the diversity of Kerala and offers packages that cater to customers with varying interests and expectations. Our aim is to make your short break from everyday life the most memorable experience of your life.

Location Manager

Location manager helps you find information regarding the medical and tourism services available in your chosen area. He or she will be your first contact point when you encounter a shortage of information to smoothly plan and carry out your tour.

Why Tri-Lines?

Why should you love Tri-Lines?

If you would like to exploit the possibilities of medical tourism, Tri-lines is the best brand you can turn to for information and guidance. Tri-lines’ centralised portal cover all the aspects of medical tourism bringing together the service providers and customers in one place for better communication and information exchange. We not only make available to you the treatments and medical attention that you deserve, but also ensure that you have a comfortable stay in India. We take out the stress involved in finding specialists and institutions with the best infrastructure, and guide you to the right service providers without involving you in any complicated procedures. We work with care and compassion, and the well-being of our customers is indispensible for our satisfaction. We encourage feedbacks from our customers and give carefully attention to each response we receive, so that we may improve our services to exceed the expectations of our customers without any exception. Each customer, regardless of his or her nationality, gender, race, budget or health conditions, is equally important for us and we are committed to overcoming every hurdle to provide a pleasant experience to him or her.